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A few years ago I found my passion for hiking. A few years earlier I found my passion for telling stories in written form. Not to long ago I started to invest quite some time into photography. More recently I decided to start a Blog about hiking, telling stories and photography. 
My personal background is a mixture of many things: Went to school, headed on to university, graduated in History and worked in a dusty Archive for a while. Beside that, I have got ten years as a salesman on my belt. Not your ordinary academic career, but who cares.
For the future I hope that I can focus on making a living out of writing. Let's see what happens.

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Artikelreihe Geschichte aus dem Stadtarchiv, 
gelaufen September 2015 bis September 2017, PDFs der jeweiligen Ausgaben 

Universität Innsbruck
Broschüre Historische Sternwarte