When a walk turns into a hike (Achen Lake Part II)

The last few meters on the beautiful promenade
Until that point in time trip around the Achen Lake was nothing more than a relaxing Sunday afternoon walk. But it all changed, after a while, step for step, the way developed  into something different, something more interesting.

The views were still astonishing
The path got narrower and narrower, and the cliff on my left side got higher and higher. On the other, the right hand, the terrain got steeper and rockier, the shoreline was now lying a few meters beneath the way. The nice I am at a beach feeling went away. From that point on, the broad way with trees to the left and a stony beach to the right was gone. Not that I missed it. Not now, at least.

At some points, the way gets really steep
It was impressive how the way was built: Many passages were carved into the cliff. One little stumble and it would be a day that you will never forget, after you woke up in a hospital. So set your steps careful, one after another. Don't hurry too much. And if you are on the taller side, look where you place your head. Hitting it really hurts, trust me. And don't grow too desperate, plenty of nice to walk parts lie in front of you.

But everything is forgotten, if you can look at something like that
So after a while of walking and enjoying the landscape, after heading through a small forest, or two and crossing two broad stony riverbanks, the Gaisalm came in reach. Unfortunately everything was closed down, looks like I made it there on the wrong day. So no coffee for me. But a bench at the shore provided enough space for a longer break. In view was the next part of the trail, but that's another story.

View from my Resting point, the trail continues through the rocks on the left side
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