And where I am I now?

So, the path ends here, but where am I?
Getting on a hike needs a few things: Some clothing that allows you to move, some fitting shoes with enough grip, something too drink and maybe something too eat. And last but not least, planing the route you are going to move along. Mainly for two reason: First, not to get lost and second, walking 100 kilometres a day is in theory doable, but not very advice able. So what do you think I failed to do properly?

Business as usual, the sun shines through the trees on a steep path
The start of the hike was nothing out of the ordinary: A small path leading away from a broad concrete road from Kundl up to Saulueg. The way climbed up the mountain in a nearly straight fashion and looked like he was still in use, not too overgrown and with some footsteps in it it from time to time. So I headed up, surrounded by tree, fallen leaves and the occasional dead tree crossing my way. Looked like I had a good day and so the surroundings just flew past my view. Nothing that I hadn't seen before in my life.

Viewpoint over Kundl and across the Inn Valley
Then, after a steep climb the first viewpoint appeared after I passed the top point. Not too astonishing, but not bad at all: The Inn Valley with the town Kundl. On the other side of the valley the a part of - as far as I know and could find out - of the Brandenberger Alps is visible. After take some picture and the first sip out of my water bottle I headed on.

Down there, after over one hundred meter of solid steep rock, the Kundler Ache
So after the first viewpoint the path made a turn and headed deeper into the mountains and followed the Kundler Klamm - ah deep gorge - , but high enough above the cliff, so that you won't notice it all. Until one viewpoint were you can see river and gorge deep down below you. Interesting viewpoint, until that moment I only knew how it was to look up from down below. After a while sitting on a make shift bench, surely not built by anyone or anything official, I headed on. Not at my goal. Not now. Not that I had such a thing on that day.

Right or left, I went left
Then a I came over a way sign: Left or right, looks like both path lead to the same goal. No I didn't threw a coin or used any nursery rhymes, I just headed left. Just did it. And after a while on a broad, relatively flat way it all narrowed again

That's how I like my hiking trails
So it came, in the end I hiked along somehow forgotten looking path into a small river valley. I really enjoyed the walk. But then came the end and the path lead out of the forest. And stopped from one step to another. Maybe stopped was the wrong definition, ceased to exist. In the distant some houses were visible, so I wasn't totally lost at all. So again, a decision had to be made: I hiked back down the way I came up, gave it a day and bought myself a strawberry milkshake. The conclusion, getting lost isn't a problem at all, if you still remember the path you came.
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