A hidden gorge

The gorge, there, behind the over 5 meter high wall
Exploration time. Heading into a gorge near my hometown I only heard stories about. After locating the entrance, thank you Google Earth, waiting for the right weather and enough time to spare, the journey began. Getting there was an easy task, but entering the gorge wasn't that simple.
Shortly after the start a over five meter high wall blocked my way. Climbing over it, not a chance. At least not for me and my total lack of climbing skills. But giving up, no, not now: After a careful examination of the area (running around in the riverbed) I found a small path, leading into the forest and up the mountainside. Decided to follow it, and there he was, the entrance to the gorge.

A hidden path leads in.
On the other side of the wall, surprise, a gorge. Heading straight into the mountain. Broad in the beginning, one half stony riverbank and the other one Bushes and small trees. Nice to walk into, not too steep. And dry, not much rain this year and the snow is long gone.

Shortly after leaving the entrance path
After the first turnaround it all got narrow. I was nearly able to touch the the left and right stone wall, if I just could stretch a few centimeters more. Heading through that passage was an easy task, not even my shoes got wet: Not much water was flowing.

The first narrow passage, view back out
What followed was a sharp turn to the right. The whole thing broadened once more. Was nice being there: Cloudy blue sky above. Green bright plants higher up in the stone walls. Here deep down, on the bottom, twilight.  And a currently relatively small river running beside you. A unique atmosphere. But also a dangerous one, one big stone from above and it's all over. So be careful, protect yourself as good as you can.

Up into the light
Deeper in, a few snake turns later, it all got really narrow. No way to get there without getting wet shoes (A little reminder: Shoes are waterproof until water gets in from above, the place where you stick your feet in...). Now it was no problem to touch both stone walls at the same time. The sky above was just a small blue stripe, a really small one. The roaring sound of a waterfall filled the fresh air. A breeze blew around my nose. Onward, deeper in.

No problem to touch each side the same time, not even for small people
And then he came, the point where getting in deeper was impossible. At least within a reasonable safety margin. A big round rock, captured between the two walls blocked the way. Water flowing down on the right, a rope hanging an the left. A rotten looking rope. Maybe put there by some hunters, to get to their dead prey. Shot out of the open stone walls above. Far to insecure for my taste. So I decided to head back out. Still curious what's lying behind that rock.

The turning point, a big round rock.
The way back out was filled with gorgeous views, far to many to present here. After all, the trip was worth it's time. Had a nice hour or two in there. Missed to take the time. But there is no official path in there, and the cliffs above are steep and full of loose rocks. So, as once told before, be careful if you head in such places. Down below, one last picture: The view outside, near the entrance.

The view out, near the entrance.
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