Downward, downward towards the Achen Lake

The right place for your postcard memory.
With a few kilometers in the legs, the third and last part of my hike through the Rofan started at the Kotalm Mitterleger, a place made for postcards. Due the fact that it was off season, everything was closed up, no animals and no human beings were around. A quiet, truly scenic place. But after a while, I had to leave.
Relaxing to walk, a broad gravel road. At least for a while.
And the way further down was a broad gravel road. Not that I like those things in general, but for the moment it was relaxing to walk on it: No need to look where to place your next step, not steep at all, just walking straight ahead. My legs thanked me for it. At least for the moment. The only thing disturbing me from time to time was the sound of a foghorn, produced by a ship crossing the Achen Lake in the valley down below.

The second and last pasture I came by.
After a while a pasture, still a part of the Kotalm, came in view. All I did was crossing through it and changing from gravel road to a small path, leading downwards to the Achen Lake. For the first time on that day I saw the lake down below, hidden behind some trees.

The last fence to climb over, for the day.
So one last fence to climb over, then heading down a relatively steep and small path and finish the hike. Not a big distance to cover, so I thought. But it took far longer than expected and my legs started to give it up. Bite through, not that I had a choice. Just the occasional "take a picture stops" got more frequent.

The best Achen Lake picture I got on that day.
During one of those truly needed breaks I took a look on the other shore of the, over to a path I walked earlier that year. With much nicer weather and far better lake pictures. From afar, a pretty impressive path build through a partly nearly vertical cliff. But enough of sinking into memories of the old days. Still some ground to cover.

And it headed on for ages, at least my tired legs let me think that...
With time the noise of cars driving on the broad road below got louder and louder. On any other place or day I hate that sound, but in this moment it somehow felt like music in my ears: Not far anymore, just around the next corner and I am down at the bottom. Needless to say, it took many after the next corner until the way lead into a concrete road and a bus station wasn't far away.
So, just a really short conclusion: The hike was totally worth it's time. Heading up the Hochiss from the upper cable car station in Maurach, from there down to the Kotalm-Mitterleger and afterwards down to the Achen Lake was a very scenic trip with everything in it. Maybe a bit too long, but with more training totally doable.

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